My FVT Song – Paimana Bideh

As such i don’t like music but i love this song 😉


Things to do when You’re failing in exams

Note: First of all let me clear I’m not responsible do your own risk (Y)

cheating in exams, tips for cheating in exam

  1. First of all come at least 15 min late
  2. wear night clothes. Chew gum loudly with all the disgusting noises and blow bubbles.
  3. Bring things to throw at the instructor when she/he’s not looking. Blame it on the person nearest to you. (very affective )
  4. Bring a water pistol with you, and start shooting in the middle of the exam. (lol try it )
  5. Upon receiving the exam, look it over, while laughing loudly, say “you don’t really expect me to waste my time on this ?!?!
  6. Run into the exam room looking about frantically. Breathe a sigh of relief. Go to the instructor, say “Gotta go.” and run off.
  7. Get the exam. 20 min into it, throw your papers down violently, scream out “F*** this!” and walk out delightedly.
  8. Bring a black marker. Return the exam with all questions and answers completely blacked out.
  9. Bring a giant cockroach into the room and release it on a girl nearby.(Yeah It works )
  10. Answer the exam with the “Top Ten Reasons Why Professor “Somebody” is a Terrible Teacher” .
  11. Leave the whole exam blank after writing ‘THERE ARE ALWAYS MARKS FOR NEAT WORK’. (After all aka safai nifs iiman hia)
  12. Call the teacher over. Repeatedly call him/her. When he answers, wait 5 seconds, then say “We’re taking an exam teacher!”
  13. Stare at people doing their exams. When you catch their eye…give a BIG smile and wave fervently.
  14. If it is a written exam, relate everything to your own life story.If the exam is math/sciences related, make up the longest proofs you could possible think of.
  15. Every 5 min. stand up, collect all your things, move to another seat, and continue with the exam.
  16. Complete the exam with everything you write being in mirror image.
  17. After completing a question loudly sing “TA-DAAAAA.”

Cheating Cheating Cheating…













My University life..

New Semester starts
After 1st Week:
After 2nd Week:
Before the Mid-Term Exam:

During The Mid-Term Exam:
After The Mid-Term Exam:
Before the Final Exam:
Once We get the Schedule of Final exam:
7 Days Before Final exam:
6 Days Before Final exam:
5 Days Before Final exam:
4 Days Before Final exam:
3 Days Before Final exam:
Night Before the final exam:

During the final exams:

When Result comes:
ouch ouch ouch & ouch!! 😦

That’s my uni life!!!

Finally WordPress 2.8 is out now

The latest version of WordPress is 2.8 beta which is more advance than all previous one! The best thing of 2.8 is it gives complete freedom you can install themes with a single click and you can also upload theme via wordpress 🙂

As we all know widgets are heart of any blog and with wordpress 2.8 you are free to fully customize (theme and plugins both) you can easily move widgets between different widget areas

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